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Some great comments again

I can see things from both sides - I'm a bit of a petrol head, having owned Porsches and until recently a 3.0l Quattro A5.

Whilst they were all great fun and the A5 could comfortably return 40mpg they each became impractical for me - kids being born, kids growing larger, hobbies meaning the need to carry more kit, changing jobs etc etc.

So now I have a truck. It has 'proper' old-school switchable 4 wheel drive and lockable diffs with hi/lo ratios.

It returns an appalling 17-30mpg depending where I'm driving it.

But it covers off my particular use cases splendidly - it's got five seats that grown ups can all comfortably occupy, has a decent almost car-like cabin with plenty of toys to keep me occupied on long trips and I can fit all manner of work and hobby related kit in the back.

Of course it will never compare to the kinds of cars I had previously - the A5 and Porsches comfortablye did 0-62 in under 6 seconds, were electronically limited to 155mph and cornered like they were on rails, whereas the truck does 0-62*. And corners like a ship.

I do agree though with others - there are just better alternatives out there than that Renault. My neighbour had a people carrier thing (can't remember which model off-hand) by Renault. As I recall, it was around a 2002/2003 and he found on one MOT that to change the headlight bulb required the removal of the entire front bumper!

I also agree with the other comments - no, you don't _need_ a vehicle that fast or powerful but yeah they're great fun.

*It does 0-62. Eventually.

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