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Alien Earths are out there: Our home is not 'unique'

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If at first you don't succeed....skip sky diving.

Only a brain dead moron would make this 'not unique' assertion....EARTH IS VERY UNIQUE.

Earth is the same distance from the Sun, yet is 200C cooler than the hottest temperature on the Moon and 75C warmer than the coolest temperature on the Moon. This is due to the atmosphere, the 310 million cubic miles of ocean and internal fission of 2 million cubic mile of Uranium and Thorium. In addition to internal heat, nuclear decay provides a stream of elemental atoms and compounds, replenishing the planet. The wingspan of flying insects and reptiles during the Jurassic was double that of today because the atmosphere was four times the current density. The atmosphere is under constant erosion from solar wind and nuclear decay. Earth had a magnetosphere that limits particle beam exposure and Ozone to limit UV exposure. There are dozens of critical components necessary for life 'as we know it' on Earth, and only a simpleton would reduce this to a few parameters.

See "Greenhouse Gas Ptolemaic Model" for more unique Earth factors.

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