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"a girl who is into tech is seen as an oddity. Hopefully this is changing but we need to keep the pressure on to truly change this"

Why? So they can have their spirits eroded by being the modern servitor class? Fantastico. I think you'll find they do far better at hard science than anything IT or engineering related. And - at least in Canada - they dominate such subjects today. Your biologist, geologist, etc are generally women. The IT nerds are simply those can take more beatings and poor morale for longer.

"The reason it gets less attention as an issue is because the fields where men are under-represented are generally lower-paid than the fields where women are under-represented so it seems more "unfair""

Most IT jobs aren't very well paid. But Nurses make pretty good money. (At least in Canada.) The upper range of the "best of the best" in IT is far higher than nurses, but the average salary (once you've lopped off the highest and lowest 5% from each field) absolutely is not.

Women have way more advantages getting into STEM than men do. I just honestly think they're smart enough to not bother...unless they have a real passion for one of the hard sciences. Why we would want anyone to go into IT or engineering is a complete mystery to me. That's a horrible thign to wish on someone.

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