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"....Gordini....." A tuning company set up by an Italian that was absorbed by Renault Sport (along with Alpine) and turned into a fashion brand with zero actual racing since. The so-called Gordini's since the Renault Sport take-over have been lukewarm hatches at best, as shown by the fact that Renault had to go to Bertone for the mid-engined Renault 5 Turbo. Even the mid-engined Clio V6 was squarely aimed at the UK market and built by Tom Walkinshaw Racing, the second version actually being designed by Porsche.

Having driven throughout France over many years I can tell you the number of souped-up boy racer cars is far lower than the UK, Germany or Italy. You also see far less sports cars such as the Mazda Miata or BMW Z3 or Z4. Indeed, if you do see a sports car on French roads it is far more likely to have a GB plate than a French one. You do see an almost continual chain of smokey, slow diesels.

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