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> Subsidy is money contributed by a government to make an item or commodity cheaper than it's cost? I thought France still levied a tax on diesel, albeit not as large as UK tax.

Yes, well, in France, the taxes on diesel are lower (%-wise) than those on unleaded petrol - mainly because some lobbyists told the French government that Diesel was cleaner (more environmentally friendly) with, of course, absolutely no reliable data to back that claim up. Not sure how they convinced the gov ... especially if you consider Greenpeace, grey beards, hippies, and the French Green party kept saying it was utter bollocks. Who knows what happened ...

I know what happened, but the moderator will veto my comment if I tell you.

Now, almost 20 years later, 70 to 80% of private cars use diesel and health problems have proven what the consequences of the decision are. Then again, who listens to those idiots ...

For those who live in France, there is a pretty reliable study made by a pediatrician (air sensors in prams), using an army of mother's to record air quality in a city in France.

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