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These types of "reports" are meaningless...

The Department of Labor Statistics requires them for some political correctness agenda. Yet, there's no verification, no testing, no validation. All the questionnaires have to voluntarily answered. If you don't answer the question, it goes into the "other" category. And as many here have attested, people lie on these things.

There's still a question on many of these forms about military service. Most Vietnam Vets ignore it because of the backlash we had after coming home. Half the employers thought we all were drug crazed maniacs and the other half thought we were all stressed out and ready kill everyone around us do to the press and television drama shows at the time (Mannix? Rockford Files? etc.)

Meaningless they are and meaningless they shall be. I put down "alien - undocumented from Vulcan". on my forms. And no one ever bats an eye or questions it.

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