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Can this Polically Correct BS already!

WTF is all this moaning and fake guilt for, just stop it already and concentrate on important stuff like maybe stuff which really makes peoples lives better, like abundance incubation, how to be less stupid, be more creative, and generally have a better quality of life.

Humans (not fake victims) choose stuff for themselves quite often, and if the "do gooder" PC brigade don't like that, well they should STFU, grasp that they are wrong, stop with the incompetent and wasteful meddling and look at doing something useful!

What we should be looking to fix is all the greedy and incompetent interference, tricky and corruption in the human social and business arenas by stagnant governments, N.G.O.s, fake Charities and big corporations, not all this utterly boring Frankfurt School 'victim' deception.

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