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Global and local, black and white.

IIRC Google's survey was of its US staff, so their 61% white figure means they have a lot to do in order to achieve a proper racial representation (close to 80% of the population is white) and therefore avoid accusations of racism. If someone were to count the representation by religion they might find some uncomfortable biases there too. Microsoft's data seems to be global, but with their history as a North American company it's to be expected that a more than representative number of staff would be white.

As for the number of women, it's likely this is caused by (primarily female) kindergarden teachers and pink toys (or perhaps because Lego doesn't come in pink boxes?): the number of women working in tech, relative to men, is actually higher than the number interested in tech at age 12. So there are obviously sexist forces keeping men out of the industry after that age, but something forcing girls before that age to adopt gender roles. Something must be done. We need another study. And more funding. And someone should address the issue of institutionalised sexism forcing men out of the teaching profession, as this might be the cause of girls choosing the wrong careers and thereby harming the cause of global equality (the matriarchy hurts girls too!).

Have those congresswomen also raised the important issue of sexism forcing men out of the psychology profession and racism keeping whites from playing certain professional sports? I'm sure they would have, because they wouldn't want to appear either bigoted or just incredibly ignorant.

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