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Waiting lists... for rubbish?

There is only that one explanation for world dominance such as the triumph Bonneville whose normally aspirated engine broke the world speed record in the 1950's IIC with speeds of over 200mph.

And subsequently lead to the demise of a company that had the only upper class market "Landrover" for a decade and more -with both industries sporting decade long waiting lists. A calumny Honda and Nissan were only too keen to help assuage.

The filled their output with rubbish because people were so willing to put up with rubbish just to get one. The thing is once they had the rubbish they learned it wasn't worth waiting for. It was all about strike powered unemployment for when production met targets for too long in a run.

It wouldn't surprise me that some union leaders had a share in constructing the scenarios not because of communist interference but because they were stuck up the management backsides so far they waltzed to the toilets together.

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