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In a democracy, the winner is whomever has the most money.

In English, that final pronoun is in the nominative case, and so the preferred word is "whoever".1 "Whomever" is false elevation.

"[whoever] has the most money" is a dependent clause, in which "whoever" is the subject. Thus nominative case, regardless of how the clause acts as a unit in the larger sentence.

And even if the pronoun's case weren't the determining factor here, the verb in this case is the copula, so the predicate is a predicate nominative and not an objective phrase, and so it still takes the nominative case. The only object in the whole sentence is the noun phrase "the most money".

English grammar and usage are really very straightforward once you memorize a whole bunch of rules and carefully analyze the structure of every phrase and sentence.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled complaining about hotels.

1Some damned prescriptivist is likely to complain either that the pronoun is, in fact, incorrectly in the objective case; or that "preferred" should be replaced with something stronger. The first claim is incorrect - case is determined by grammatical use, not by whether the standard (or "correct") inflection is used. The second is just the prescriptive fantasy.

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