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"That presumes that the person can work unlimited overtime such that travel time is eating into work/earnings time. For the vast majority of us, travel times eats into personal time, not work time. I'd have been with you if you'd used a quality of life argument rather than time=money argument."

Many people forget there's another time besides work time and personal time: household duty time, such as running to the store for necessities, paying bills, handling household chores, etc. It's not work time since you're not at work yet it's not personal time since you're not eating, relaxing, etc. For many people it's as arduous and necessary as work time yet you don't get paid for it. So for many people true personal time is precious since it's so little. Long commutes and so may reduce the time all the way to zero, leading to "dull boy" syndrome (meaning you cram stolen moments in when you can which can actually raise stress) if not signs of delinquency (as assorted necessary household duties get overlooked because you lost the time needed to do them).

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