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"He compromised himself by taking the money" and

"Don't take bribes. Don't take things which could be construed as bribes."

He did compromise himself as you write. Then again if he didn't take the money from any sources he wouldn't be the state AG and the guy who did take the money would be. Does taking money from any organization invalidate the AG's capacity to handle cases concerning the donating parties? And if it's an umbrella organization is the AG powerless against all companies/individuals under it?

I'm not a US citizen so please educate if I have failed to understand the situation.

As I understand this, the quoted figure of $2,500 is a puny amount when his latest AG campaign in 2011 received $1.7M in donations, and the biggest donations clearly came from law firms/organizations. Then again that's $2.5k is 2% of his annual salary so it isn't "chickenfeed" either.

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