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Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi

Harry the Bastard

i travel a lot on business and don't pay for the wifi, it becomes another freebie, like bottles of water, lounge access, fluffy robe etc., this will be the case for any regular business traveler

for infrequent/leisure travellers it's more likely that they'd face a charge (and more likely they paid a knock-down room rate), but it is becoming much more common for wifi to be either free or tiered with basic free and a charge for high bandwidth

setting up personal hotspots may seem innocuous, but it's also a great way to lure the innocent onto a wlan where the intent is to capture traffic or carry out man in the middle attacks

there are both passive and active countermeasures that can be taken, but use of automatic deauthentication needs careful consideration, restrict it to devices that are spoofing mac or ssid, as these are clearly not the work of the casual surfer

in high density environments enough hotspots will degrade/disrupt the legitimate site wlan, in trade shows etc. the issue is more likely to be from proper access points rather than mobile devices, in which case triangulation or wandering around to find them and have a word is a better option

clearly some hotels do see wifi as an extra revenue opportunity, personally i'm ok with that as long as the price is reasonable (which not all are!), it's not a free world

imho using personal hotspot in room seems ok, but in areas used others but there are legitimate security and performance reasons to limit their use

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