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Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi

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While I certainly am not in favor of allowing the hotels to disrupt a private wireless network operating within their bounds, I think it fair to to note that in Utah most of the Marriott hotels (39 of 42) and Hilton hotels (29 of 34) offer free high speed internet service in the rooms. Those that do not seem, as several earlier posters noted, to be oriented to high end, business, and convention customers, so they might have it in mind to soak them a bit more, or separate internet service from the lodging part of business per diem allowances.

The US Government, and probably state governments and many larger corporations, distinguishes lodging, meals & incidentals, and separately reimbursable expenses such as taxis, with inflexible limits on the first two. My memory has it that internet service was a separately reimbursable expense for US government travel, and since the lodging and m&ie allowances were none too big, charging the internet service separately allowed the hotels to charge government rate for the room and make up some of the difference between that and and their normal room charge with overpriced internet service.

And it seems possible that there might be marginally valid justifications for exercising some central control of large users for such things as conventions and trade shows.

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