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Google knows what a lot of people want...

Free movies and music? Cheap drugs? Google knows most people are as much avid as its executives. It knows they will support whatever behaviour - barely lawful or totally unlawful - which will give 'em the free/cheap stuff they're looking for, while making a lot of money on their searches and their data.

You see it here. Say something againt Google, and you get a lot of downvotes - a lot of people think Google is "good", because they need it to do what they like. Compare it with the attitude toward Microsoft, which of course is bad just because it wants money for its software and doesn't let you access illegal contents easily.

Google knows people psychology.

In some ways, it's a huge social engineering company. It knows how to exploit people while making them think it's on their side. Greed and avidity are huge, powerful levers. Fulfill people greed - in a way that doesn't cost you nothing, as linking pirated contents sites or illegal sales of drugs (it will change when Google buys a movie studio or pharma company...) - and you get a lot of allies on your side to keep on with your murky business.

And you can't discuss with such people. All they can see is the "free" movie to watch, the new "free" song to download, some cheap drug to "feel better". Their horizon is that, their little, empty world, which Google knows how to fill... and they don't care about anything else. They are as selfish as Google itself...

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