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If you're condemning Google for bringing a lawsuit when it has more billions than its opponent, then must you not by the same argument condemn every civil lawsuit? At least, every lawsuit in a country such as the US or UK with a prohibitively expensive adversarial legal system?

Actually I'm with you there: there is no fairness in these innocent until proven broke legal systems. But we're lumped with them, so either you use them or you foreswear the law altogether. The second option isn't really open to Google, because people bring lawsuits against them. The primary culprit is a hopelessly corrupt legal system that invites abuse.

Now, this particular case pits the resources of a bigco against those of a state. Neither party is devoid of resources. Neither party is foreign, which all-too-often influences US courts and is associated with some of the most monstrous injustices (think: NTP vs RIM, or the fate of BP vs that of Union Carbide). Insofar as a US lawsuit can ever be a fair fight, this looks fair.

I make no comment on the merits of the case itself. On that subject I remain ignorant: I don't think either this or the earlier article in El Reg gives me sufficient insight to pronounce a verdict.

Shouldn't there be a scales-of-justice smiley? Damn!

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