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Blind justice: Google lawsuit silences elected state prosecutor

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Good article

It's good to see a counter-point to the previous article:

Corporate America is out of control. I'm still questioning the use of purloined documents but that's a minor issue. The corporations have been running the US since the early days of this country. Newspapers, railroads, oil barons... all the way back to the beginning. Google, et al, are just extensions of this. Manipulate the masses and get what you want: profit and power.

By a logical extension, if Google has no problem with carrying links to illegal narcotics, what about... say "hit men"? Yes, there's a slippery slope here about freedoms, etc. One either has to draw a line or not. It's a troubling issue and in a global sense, even moreso. as the line can be moved about for censorship.

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