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Blind justice: Google lawsuit silences elected state prosecutor

Salmon Guy

What a great article. My knee jerk reaction was, "OMG, this is another anti-google smear". However, once I read past the first can only surmise that this is a well written article, based upon well researched facts.

Here is the problem though; we are all generally very nervous about our freedom. All kinds of freedom, but in this particular case, the freedom that Google champions, i.e that there should be no creeping censorship, that the internet should remain uncontrolled.

We feel that our freedom is being eroded by government, encouraged by those OTHER companies who have been making super-normal profits for a decade (Energy, Cable, Entertainment).

At a time when Google is seemingly being attacked from all sides, here comes a government official (which he is by any other name), and attacks from another side.

Moreover, he fundamentally attacks from the standpoint that Google should be censoring search results. On top of this he seems to play weak cards ("think of the children") that we can only assume are design to produce an unreasoned, emotive public opinion response, against Google. That is insulting.

If Hood had come to the table with something that was validly in the public interest, then I for one may have listened more. However, despite all of the reasoned, researched and balanced points of this article, the facts against Hood still remain.

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