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@auburnman: Petty vandalism...? Jestly you sure...?

Major DDOS attempt that if successful would've taken out an internet backbone! Since when is that petty vandalism? Major destructive vandalism more like, and WITH assistance. That in itself says that is was planned with others and probably well organised. It was not petty crime, and could have caused millions worth of damage if it succeeded. He should get a criminal record for that attempted crime alone.

At 17 if you are that clueless that you don't know the extent of this crime, then you belong in the Darwinian gene pool. And if you do know, then you deserve everything that they throw at you. Either way there is no mitigating circumstances in such attempted criminal activity. 14 year olds are more responsible and/or clued in than this particular 17 year old from the Camberwell area.

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