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Depends on your idea of real I guess... I count the *BSDs as being more real UNIX than the various commercial hacks of SVR4 - but that is because I cut my teeth on SunOS and was then savaged by rabid Solaris boxes. Those boxes running early cuts of Solaris were so unreliable, and so badly set up that I concluded that they weren't running a UNIX.

Hear hear. I stuck to 4.1.3 for as long as it was possible. Early Solaris 2 (or SunOS 5.x as they called it. Heretics!) was incredibly buggy. First vaguely usable version was 2.5 (by which time it was also becoming difficult to be refusenik since Sun was starting to drop support for SunOS 4 for the newer hardware).

Those scars linger on - as a result I still avoid SVR4 when given an option. :)

Those scars never heal...

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