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SCOG was suing Novell because they wanted Novell to turn over the copyrights to them on the grounds that they couldn't sue world + dog without actually owning something to sue over. Novell declined, hence, one of the lawsuits.

Some other interesting details involve Microsoft's and Sun's involvement. Microsoft quietly funnelled money to SCOG, which is where they got the money to go postal. This was at the time when Vista was late and Microsoft needed some ammunition to keep the FUD campaign going. As one example, Balmer made a speech claiming that since there were these lawsuits hanging over Linux that if any company used Linux, then that was a form of liability that wasn't in their financial statements, which in turn constituted fraud, and so the board of directors would all be going to prison. Microsoft were absolutely flogging the whole SCO dead horse for all they were worth.

Sun bought the rights to open source their unix license to make "Open Solaris". That money also got fed into the lawsuit. When it came out that SCOG didn't own the rights that they sold to Sun, Novell went knocking on Sun's door with a few pointed questions. We don't know what the outcome of that conversation was (presumably it revolved around dollar signs).

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