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Don't base your opinion of all civil servants on the people you see as mouthpieces. There are plenty of clued up, smart, savvy people in the civil service. It may seem like an easy target but that shows a general lack of appreciation for what it's really like.

Having worked in both the private and public sectors, it seems that the idiot quotient is similar in both spheres. Nobody has a monopoly on stupid. I can also tell you that working in the public sector is a real job. I have never been so stressed, overworked and under-resourced to deliver a massive work programme as when I was at a large public service organisation. Much worse than my time in the utilities, FMCG, financial services or consulting firms I have worked for.

As a regulator, you need to understand *more than anything* the long term social and economic impacts of the decisions you make. She will need to surround herself with boffins that know all the technical things you've noted. That and some good lawyers.

I'd say the fact that she has gained a degree from Oxford will mean that she is capable of quickly learning what is important and getting her head around it to sufficient levels of detail to know what matters, as long as her boffins are sufficiently capable. I suspect that may be her biggest challenge...

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