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Why do film studios still release to cinema?

Because people like me like to just watch a movie on a massive screen with a sound system that can shake the room if it wants to, in a room free of interruptions and growls for any idiot leaving their phone on. And sometimes even in 3D.

Yeah - I pay for that (having said that, London prices are insane).

I also would not mind paying a monthly subscription fee. I travel *far* too much to hang on to DVDs, so anything that works online would suit me fine.

I live in countries where downloading movies is not illegal, but I am with Trevor that a degree of fairness is required to ensure there remains a motive to make all that fantastic stuff we enjoy. I *like* going to the movies, and I will buy the occasional DVD or have a boxed set shipped of a TV programme that isn't shown in my part of the world ("Lie to me" being a good example). But it means I have physical media typically in another place/country when I want to watch it, and it then becomes much more attractive to just draw a pirated copy..

And don't get me started on region codes, whoever dreamt that one up should have nightly visits of his private parts by pissed-off fire ants. But that's just my opinion.

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