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what everyone is lying about is "privacy" in GSM communications!

According to this interesting page, in Norwegian but with nice videos, suspicious Aftenposten journalists took fifty thousand readings using a specially modified GSM mobile phone.

They were shocked to discover around one hundred and twenty-two incidents/anomalies consistent with many highly active, even dual-band, completely genuinely FAKE GSM base-stations in Norway!

People targeted included PM, MoD, Central Bank, parliament, Embassies, major businesses... potentially anyone with a GSM in Oslo; a spokesman from PST (Norway's MI5), Arne Christian Haugstøyl, came out with "we warn persons ... against discussing sensitive matters on the mobile phone"

I'd say that all of the no-doubt similarly illegal GSM systems in UK will be off for a few days, whilst this storm blows-over, unless the Daily-Mail picks up on it. Aftenposten couldn't get any comment from their BT equivalent. Is it a good time to invest in EE? - well maybe if A5/3 gets a roll-out in UK, (that would be a stop-gap solution to have a partially secure algo whilst GSM is buried and the spectrum refarmed for 900MHz LTE)

English translation (without the really nice pics & videos) is at

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