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BT to gobble EE for £12.5bn – BTEE phone home

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Anonymous Coward

If BT hadn't taken so many pension" holidays" then perhaps they would still have Cellnet, which was a good service. I was with Cellnet which then became O2 & I have to say the service has been good but the cracks are beginning to show now. I had an email from them to say they were updating their network, didn't take a lot of notice because I just use my phone for calls. I wonder if BT will close one or more of the Indian call centres. Used to be with Orange BB, horrendous cost me a fortune in phone calls. Had to report something lost last week, spoke to Michelle, well that's what she said her name was, took me twice as long but Murdoch won't mind because the telephone is with Sky because I'm sorry to say O2 sold us down the river. Why is it that we the customers are always on the losing end?

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