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You wouldn't believe the number of people that have told me 'but it's up see CR or EE or <other TLD>, even on the TF pieces in question which specifically state the opposite.

Doesn't help when most 'news orgs' don't bother to do any kind of checking and mislead people.

And even the (NOT affiliated at all with Gary Fung or the old ISOhunt site) version has amusing screwups, like the audio of my annual panel discussions on law, technology, and the internet (this year we had the EFF as lead guests, last year Chris Soghoian of the ACLU, and in 2012, Bruce Schneier), which are classified as 'adult'. (The only panels we don't record are the adult ones). No real danger of the torrents dying though, they're all on Mininova as well (yes, it still exists)

This past week of ultracrepidarianism about torrent sites has just about driven me crazy though.

Andrew "K`Tetch" Norton

Torrentfreak community manager

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