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You may be on to something there...

I'm in an unusual(!?) position in that I control several plusnet accounts (non-tech family members / friends), each with a unique plusnet-only email address to <<a domain>>.

Thought it weird that only some were receiving said spam - thinking about it, only those on which I have ever raised a ticket...

Needless to say, I've moved, soon to be followed by the rest. They were always budget, but "good" budget. That seems a long time ago now. I wonder what could have happened?

Oh, and if anyone is interested, their security is so good (aside from aforementioned plain-text password storing mentioned in comments in previous article) - that if any "restriction" is put on your account (over-quota -see how long I've used them, thanks for rewarding loyalty - or late payment) you can simply change your router settings to ANY active account, and your quota will be attributed accordingly, and simultaneously. Top work.

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