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I would be willing to compromise on the issue of DRM. One thing I am not willing to compromise on is the junk inserted before the movie even plays. If I insert my Blu-Ray that I legally purchased, very rarely does it go straight to the movie or straight to a menu. Often you get an unskippable promo of the studio as if the movie does not have it when you press play, then "coming soon to a theater near you", then the unskippable anti-piracy warning which tells me piracy is wrong, sometimes even more junk, then the menu. And when you finally press play, you have to wait through a legal disclaimer "the opinions in the commentary are their own" before finally the movie starts. If I pirate, I just push play.

I wish I could make a law that says a disc has to go straight to the main menu or straight to the movie unless it is a special disc originally sold to a movie rental company.

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