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I can imagine a lot of Coppers are probably torrent users and understand how it works, just like a lot of regular people do. The problem is they get told to kick the door at XYZ address and arrest everyone, 'cos the court order tells them to.

The stupidity of all this "whack-a-mole" is that everyone from the studio lawyers right down to the copper holding the battering ram and a copy of the warrant, all know it's pointless. They have to be seen to be doing the "right thing", even though the "right thing" is an utter load of pointless nonsense that just makes everyone feel better that they're doing their jobs properly.

Civilized society needs to be doing a lot of the "right thing" in order to give people work to do, so they can earn a wage and pay their taxes. If you sit and think for just 5 minutes there are so many jobs out there that could be easily replaced or done away with, but as humans we need to ensure we're all doing something even if it's pointless!

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