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Big content IS already right fucked. People are running away in droves to more shady alternatives, never to look back.

And why is it that I have to either A. Watch shitty dutch redubs or badly captioned versions months after the original air date on dutch TV, B. Wait months (sometimes over a year) for a season DVD to finally be made available or C. Pirate it, wait 30 minutes for my episode to download, and enjoy...

Legally, A or B are the only options. Unfortunately they are also often the worst of the options.

Its just mindnumbingly dumb that it takes so long for DVDs to become available for instance. They should be ready to go the minute the final episode is aired (I can understand waiting for the season finale to bring out the DVD to draw more viewers on the TV. After that though, get on that!)

Or even that videos that are freely available in one country are not in another. What difference does it make if I watch it online or on TV? Build a good player and I'd PAY to watch a high quality version on your website. (So long as its allowed to buffer decently, and not just 5 seconds ahead. Looking at you current youtube player) Instead, if this option is available at all its in the framerate of a potato with the resolution of a brick. Technically it's video...

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