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The fact is that the audience for the track-at-a-time model of iTunes is young and poor and increasingly on the push for something for nothing, whereas the old and too-thick-to-understand consume their music as albums and don't mind paying for them as long as prices don't soar to ridiculous levels.

While Apple were busy ignoring the Old School, Amazon snuck in and stole the market from them. Amazon will sell me the CDs I want and will provide an instant gratification downloadable version free of charge for some of them (my tastes are eclectic, sometimes wildly so).

iTunes/Gracenote can't even find the album art for much of my collection, even some stuff that's been in the wild forever (like Fairport Convention, Godley & Crème, Hot Chocolate, Ian Drury & The Blockheads, Jake Thackray, King Crimson, Madness, Manfred Mann, The Marshall Tucker Band, Mott the Hoople, Pentangle, Al Stewart, ABW&H, The Beatles, The Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band, Bryan Ferry, Caravan, ELP and the list goes on). What chance seeing the liner notes or the lyric sheet if they can't even find the bloody album cover in the mighty database of "not on file"?

And what a horrible, horrible, unfit for purpose interface. Luckily they fuck with it every three updates or so, so there is little chance of ever mastering it unless screwing with your music player software is all you have on your calendar.

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