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"Different people are entitled to different benefits. A young single unemployed male living with his parents gets the basic Job Seekers' Allowance; a partially-disabled widow working part-time and living with her sister who also cares for her & three kids will get a very different set of benefits."

Entitled? Entitled by what? Some god-given right, or law of physics?

We have a hugely expensive, dysfunctional, chronically unfair welfare system that disincentivises work for some, costs a fortune to administer, pays (eg) child benefit to f***ers living all across Eastern Europe, yet denies it to a colleague of mine who's a single parent with four kids. Another colleague who is disabled but able to work qualifies for motability - yet she's happily paid for her own car all her life, and now she's trading up to a better car because she's getting hundreds of quid a month extra that she's "entitled" to, but open admits she doesn't need. My wife takes home less working full time as a community nurse than some of the drug-dealing, benefit scrounging vermin she has to care for.

The whole welfare system is broken, and Red Bren's suggestion is an excellent one. Does away with separate pensions and benefits administration as well, does away with the unjust and unfair pretend "contributions" model of NI.

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