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Pet sheep, on the other hand, might benefit from it, I suppose.

Suppose indeed. :) But you are on the right track. There is no practical use for the professor's technology when dealing with a herd. He's trying to scam people. As for the price of sheep, that does vary from year to year. Around here the high quality ones actually fetch a decent price right now, and there is a demand for quality breeding stock.

Perhaps in the UK there is a need for idea men to come out from the city and tell sheep farmers how they need to run their business, and the way we do sheep farming here in Canada could also be different. This technology is not of use here. We use a sheep dog and no sheep get lost. Often a Llama is uses as well because they bond with the sheep, are dangerous to predators, and eat the same diet as the sheep. The professor is just trying to sell stuff to people who he thinks are gullible. We are not. I am indeed rural and involved with these kinds of issues. Also, I see I got a couple of down votes above (presumably from a couple of city bumpkins). That's fine, but I bet you don't know anything about animal husbandry and rural economy.

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