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VW's Scirocco diesel: A sheep in Wolfsburg’s clothing


Doesn't stop Scirocco drivers...

driving up my exhaust on the M6 (I'll admit to going near 80mph)

Had a 5yr old Mark 2 Golf once. Was crap; front window [manual] winder mechanism broke on both windows; twice

Clutch failed; twice in 2 years [I've not replaced clutch in any of my 180,000 plus cars]

Steering rack boots needed replacing every year [split]

Auto choke used to flood engine on motorway runs after 30miles and rev engine out of engine bay at startup. VAG dalers failed 6 attempts to fix (and >£700). Strange that my BMW 3.18 with the same base carburettor *with additional feature of fuel cutoff on throttle lift off* worked perfectly.

Sold it fast as possible after 3 years of pain

Anyway back to this paragon of German engineering and reliability. the only real question is does it require a trip to the dealer to change a [non-xenon] headlight bulb?

If yes; it's not fit for road use

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