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".... BT/Phorm?...." Nothing to do with the GCHQ or TEMPORA.

"..... The intrusion begins the moment a third party obtains a copy of a private/confidential message...." And again, commercial companies are nothing to do with the GCHQ or TEMPORA.

"....Subjecting the whole population to intrusive surveillance is simply undemocratic, offensive, and illegal." Once again for those to busy hyperventilating to understand - collecting metadata does not equal subjecting the whole population to intrusive surveillance, and using the results of analysing such metadata to make a very, very small number of actual intercepts (when the message content is actually read/heard) does not equate to subjecting the whole population to intrusive surveillance. And RIPA makes it all legal anyway and the European Court of Human Rights has decided your rights are not being breached (, so stop ovinely insisting otherwise and go do something useful instead.

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