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".....It was established at Nuremberg that some rules of conduct transcend the explicit laws of a particular state. Invading the privacy of every person at once goes well beyond any reasonable norm....." The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (actually relevant to the matter, unlike Nurmeberg) already decided otherwise ( Oh, and I claim my Godwin for your ridiculous attempts to conflate the actions of the GCHQ with the Holocaust.

"....It directly conflicts with the letter of the most fundamental law in jurisdictions like the United States....." Getting very bored of continually having to remind you that TEMPORA belongs to the GCHQ in the UK, not the US.

".... It does not matter how many toadies you trot out bleating that it is OK....." If by 'toadies' you mean actual legal bodies and international courts, such as the European Court of Human Rights, then - actually - yes it does matter! You can shriek and whine as much as you like to the opposite but that will just make others laugh at you.

".....It is not OK and as far as I am concerned it is something that warrants eventual prosecution and punishment....." So, you being so powerful, mighty and righteous - more so than the highest court in Europe - what are you going to do to ensure 'prosecution and punishment'? Refuse to drink your milk and take a nap?

"....Crimes against international law are committed by men...." True, but RIPA make TEMPORA legal, therefore no actual 'crime' involved other than the ones TEMPORA uncovers. As the ECHR decided - you may recall I have pointed that out to you several times now.

".....The ultimate harm....well beyond the injury to mankind done by a few despicable acts done under cover of a 'hot' war....." <Yawn> And, once again, just pause the ridiculous melodrama and hyperventilating long enough to actually show me the 'harm' you insist is happening. Oh, you can't. This is my surprised face, honest.

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