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"No. How is that even a question?...." It would seem a quite obvious question, at least to me, but then that may be because I am not wearing your socio-political blinkers.

"....It is as if you are saying it is necessary to shoot my dog in order to keep him safely in the yard...." So your grasp of the matter and sense of proportion lead you to believe it equates to shooting your dog? Nothing I could post could expose your own failure more starkly.

"....Completely invading my privacy in every way imaginable, putting me under constant surveillance, reading my mail, listening in on my phone conversations, constantly monitoring my whereabouts, spying on my friends and family and similar insane stunts are not reasonable or necessary to protect my privacy....." None of which are likely to actually be happening. Indeed, IMHO, the fact you believe they are indicates you are suffering from some form of paranoid delusion, or you are already subject to some form of control order due to a criminal or suspected criminal past. If it the former than I can only suggest you seek help; if it is the latter then the authorities are legally doing exactly what I would expect them to do.

".... I said 'illegitimate use of force' because there is now some question as to whether or not laws passed in recent times are fundamentally legitimate....." LOL, what gobbledygook was that! If the laws have been passed they are legal and 'legitimate' (it does not mean what you seem to think it means, did you mean appropriate?), and 'force' means force, as in a physical manifestation of power. Therefore, no illegitimacy and you have failed to show any occurrence of force. Fail!

".....Plenty of laws have been passed and precedents set in the United States that do not pass muster against any reasonable reading of the Constitution....." Apart from the fact that has nothing to do with TEMPORA (remember the geography tip I gave you earlier; the GCHQ = UK, not USA), I am pretty certain your interpretation of 'reasonable reading' extends only to what you have been spoonfed, if only because those laws got passed by the US Government, which I'm pretty sure contains far more people actually qualified to comment on the Constitution than you. If you wish to pretend otherwise, please do provide some actual argument to support your statement.

".....The coercive power of the state sits behind any provocative action it takes....." <Yawn> Is that your attempt to equate the enforcement of the law with your claim of 'illegal force'?

"....Unless both warranted and necessary it is certainly illegitimate...." And TEMPORA has been judged both legal and warranted under RIPA, so you fail again! Oh, and third time of pointing this out to you - the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the GCHQ mechanisms such as TEMPORA do not breach your human rights ( Your continued insistence that it does is exposed as just an unsubstantiated opinion with no legal backing.

" any rational system....." Your arguments so far make you appear (IMHO) ill-equipped to judge rationality.

"....." Did you even read the article you linked to?!? Very first line - "A Missouri homeschooling family is suing a sheriff and another officer...." Nothing to do with the GCHQ or even wiretapping! No wonder you're confused! Trying to debate with you is beyond shooting fish in a barrel, it's like the fish have all been fed dope and are offering their attacker a larger gun.

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