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".....does not fly with me....." So what? Your problem (well, one of your problems) is that what 'flies with you' is neither here nor there and carries no legal weight. What are you going to do, stamp your feet and hold your breath until you turn blue? What you could do is actually come up with a reasoned argument (not just misquoting, misapplying and editing select laws and conventions to suit your POV) and use it to convince the majority of voters to persuade the politicians in the UK of the righteousness of your stance, hence getting the respective laws changed. LOL, but then you would have to face the facts that (a) the majority do not agree with you now, and (b) a lot of smarter people are already trying to influence the voters and are failing because the majority do not accept your reasoning.

"....1) The article needs to be rewritten to properly accomplish what was obviously its original explicit purpose and that means striking the part you find so endearing.

2) The people and organizations doing the interpretation need a clean sweep to install people with some sense....." That tells me (1) you don't realise all the EU governments are either directly using TEMPORA-derived intelligence and/or doing their own such monitoring, so they are not going to cripple their own intelligence agencies; and (2) you are unwilling to accept the will of the majority when it does not meet your expectations, making you the one with tyrannical and undemocratic intent. You fail!

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