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Pebble... the right stuff....

Since 1984 and the Russian boycott of the Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games leaving the surpluss dumping of a ton of souviner canteen watches (Russian pjot chips)... ALL WATCHES are CHIPS / READOUT / BATTERY...except for a few like Ralph Lauren's USD $12,500 masterpieces, and other similar toys.

Wristwatches are (in CE 2014) simply a pretty case and electronics... when Palm Pilots were used as industrial controllers years ago, an arm attachment was available (making a really big Geek Wristwatch).

IMHO= It is beyond me why what is essentially a multi-function TV Remote Control w/ benefits needs a MS-OS of any kind...if the weareable remote control accesses blue tooth, wi-fi, and wireless internet, and maby a cell phone, who cares ?? it's just chips and software= (job no.1 per MS, do your own thing) this Pebble is a natural extension of today's life...WHY MUCK IT UP W/ ARCANE SW ??... Anyone could have made the Pebble and these folks just actually did (without stepping on anyone's toes)... if the other guys stuff just got obsolete, looks like Sue Balls will again determine progress...paradigsm shift or not someone owes me a keyboard, the someone protesting chips in watches...RS.

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