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Pebble: The brilliant stealth wearable Apple's Watch doesn't see coming


1) I've had my Pebble since the early access Kickstarter orders were delivered. Battery life is STILL around 7 days, depending on number of alerts and type of watchface I'm using.

2) Didn't you know what it looked like before you bought it? (if indeed you do own one) It does exactly what it needs to. I don't need to see text messages in colour, and I can see the time better in crisp black/white thanks.

3) Resolution is fine for purpose. You haven't been sucked in be "retina everywhere" have you? Why do you need HD resolution to show a watch face, or message text? It's for quick glimpses of small pieces of information, not for use as a Kindle.

4) Windows phone? Ah I think I see you have other issues...

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