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Pebble: The brilliant stealth wearable Apple's Watch doesn't see coming


Still love mine, after using it for well over a year.

Strangely I prefer the original plastic one - looks like a 'pebble', whereas the metal one looks like some f'ugly 80s casio - but nothing wrong with their being choice.

I just want an updated version - higher-res screen, maybe transflective colour LCD etc. Maybe pulse meter? But, is any of these are going to hammer the battery, I'll gladly forgo them.

I just like Pebble's approach. It's not a computer. It's not designed to be used without a phone - it's just a nifty little low notification screen/controller, that happens to be on your wrist, not your phone.

I mainly just use mine to see what meetings I have coming up, who's calling me, controlling my music as I walk about.

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