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When you buy something like a CD or DVD, you are buying a license to use the content.

The dire warnings make this clear.

This licensing is a reasonable situation - after all it is not the case that, having bought a CD, you could then use the music as the soundtrack to a movie. Nor could you remix the songs and release them.

So far so good.

The problem comes when these licenses are used to restrict your consumption of that content beyond what is logically consistent with the 'you purchase a license to listen to a song' model. Preventing people making copies of a CD for personal use is just not justifiable under this structure.

Why would you? They have purchased a license to listen to a song - what possible reason can there be to prevent someone listening to that song on an MP3 player?

If I listen to an album twice at home on my stereo, how is that in any way different from listening to it once at home and then again on my MP3 player when I go for a walk? I have listened to an album twice - why should anyone get a single cent more for the second scenario than the first?

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