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Sony employees face 'weeks of pen and paper' after crippling network hack

roger stillick

Sony makes great Things, Everything else is the Problem...

REF= Wiki, Sony... somehow a manufacturing company becomes a Multi-National Corporation with all kinds of IP and Insurance Policies to sell...Stuff eventually ends up a China maker thingy...on a subsidorary company (PS-4 seems to be just fine) within the Sony Group. Those pesky Blue-Ray and DVD CD's with game, movie and TV shows on them are still needed for the PS-4 to do anything other than Netflix TV ...output to HD monitor and Sonus Sound Bar...NOTE= all of this can be done w/ a single I7 Haswell chip on Intel capable gaming motherboards (whole thing makes excellent Work Stations).

IMHO= Everything else Sony does beside making the PS-4 seems to be hated universally worldwide...someone in Sony Corporate should be working on rehabing their image= being hated doesn't sell much stuff, or make much money.

All= Security needs to be part of IT and Corporate worldwide, simply p/o the Cost of Doing Business, 'CODB', hopefully out of bean-counter's area of responsibility...then nonsense like this Sony Hack will be a lot less common...RS.

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