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If you find it difficult to reverse around a corner perhaps you should consider whether to drive at all as unconsciously you should always do the following to maintain position relative to the edge of the road/ centre line other cars etc

In a car with a rear screen; stop the car at 2 or 3 feet out from the kerb, sitting in the driver seat either look in the interior mirror or turn and look over your shoulder, line up the point in the screen with the kerb and remember the point then place a small piece of masking tape at that point on the screen. Get back into your seat and reverse keeping the tape aligned with the kerb, Done!

I learned that in the '60s and I am sure it hasn't changed, the only time I ever used it was on my test.

If you always index the kerb to a point on the screen or in the mirror if you are driving a van or truck you will maintain a smooth line parallel to the kerb/edge of the road.

I am fairly sure the brain is constantly comparing the view through the screen mirror from moment to moment in order to maintain station relative to everything else, that's all the trick is to reversing but with one little sighting point as an aid..

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