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"I learned to distrust computer navigation a long time ago."

What you've learned to hate, is auto routing, not computer navigation.

I've been using "satnav" from before the term was even coined. I've never had auto routing, and don't miss it. That alone is an infinite improvement over paper maps held by one hand, while blindly driving though give way (yield) and stop signs because I was too busy focusing on a tiny spot on a map to see them.

Ye' olde' argument that paper maps are more reliable than electonics doesn't hold any more. If I'm driving anywhere, I have two, one dedicated unit, another via software on my phone. With backups that you can store in your pockets or belts (can't do that with books), any reliability concerns are easily dismissed.

Fast forward when the rest of the world has caught up, I'm near mortified that people are blindly following auto routing directions, and go so far as saying "their" version of maps is fully up-to-date and never ever wrong. Ever.

This is partially the fault of the data, but mostly the fault of the idiots who turn off their brains.

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