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Re: Are they mad?

Yeah - and I'm looking forward to the Slow down to a crawl because you can see a roundabout 200 meters ahead, then stop when you reach the roundabout despite there being no cars in sight, wait a bit longer just to be sure a car won't hove into view in the distance, then have a final moment of hesitation before finally proceeding onto the roundabout, being sure to cut across the inner lane where the frustrated chap who's been stuck behind your dawdling ass for miles was about to take the opportunity to get past you manoeuvre. (BTW - it's perfectly legal to pass someone on the inside of a roundabout if the exit of the roundabout has two lanes).

Also, I'm looking forward to the Looking at the empty road ahead of you wondering why people complain about traffic congestion, whilst remaining utterly ignorant of the two mile tailback following in your wake manoeuvre.

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