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Re: How About Three Point Turn in a narrow lane/muddy field, etc.?

I have lost count of the number of cars which come to my cottage courtesy of a sat nav. The best recently being a massive truck towing an electricity company's 'comfort station' which had a kitchen, a rest area and a toilet.

The driver was less than pleased with me that the real life topography of me, my cottage at the end of a long steep and narrow lane didn't match his satnav's false sense of reality.

Mind you, not as much fun as my mate in the petrol station had recently. He watched the vice police commissioner being driven up a footpath up the local hill because the pratnav gave the wrong directions to the Mountain Rescue depot. Apparantly cue much crashing about in the woods on the hillside in the mud with a large drop on one side for ages until the car emerged looking somewhat worse for wear before then going up the correct track.

I hope we don't need to rely on Plod to arrive in an emergency.

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