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I stopped driving several year ago because it is stupid expensive for short distances and cycling keeps me fitter, but I renew driving license for those times when I do need to drive, so would object to a retest every 10 years. Satnavs should not be relied upon, because either they can fail or cause problems e.g. cars in rivers, one way streets or dead ends, or large vehicles on too narrow roads, too tight turns, or roads with too low bridges etc.!

I cycle along some residential roads with cars parked on the side of the road on hills, typically on random alternate sides with low winter sun, and pity large vehicle drivers and opposing drivers for those stretches; I regularly see poor driving manners, so divert to tarmac 'foot' path when I see a possible dicey situation ahead with an oncoming vehicle; cars don't have that option!... Maybe drivers should be trained/tested on special courses like this with junk dummy cars along them (to avoid some steep compensation claims) with low winter sun or a powerful spotlight in front. Ironically dicey routes like this can be where a Three point turn and reverse turning can be quite useful to know how to do, without damaging stuff or getting confused, and help with more awkward parking.

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