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"I could by a DVD, or I could pay 'extra' (currently often £0) for a DVD with Ultraviolet. If I can legally rip my DVD's to my local NAS for free, there is no reason for paying extra for Ultraviolet, and a company whose service I will never want will disappear.

I am avoiding Ultraviolet because every view is a download that will quickly surpass my ISP's limits and will almost certainly get bumpy when other people are watching Ultraviolet. With no recurring income, Ultraviolet's servers will die from lack of budget, and I will get the choice of pay per view, or my investment in Ultraviolet evaporating."

Ultraviolet is a solution to a problem that consumers can already solve themselves, albeit unlawfully. Ultraviolet is clunky and expensive (in terms of bandwidth), only available when you have a good Internet connection, and doesn't work with all your media. Strangely enough, people go with the unlawful way that's much easier and better. I can either rip DVDs onto an external hard drive that I can take with me, or I can submit my personal data to those fluffy media companies to mine, and in the end have a system that doesn't work properly. Hmm.

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