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Musicians sue over 'zero pay' copyright fix



We did not have to join. We did, so we stick with the rules, just as we expect the other members to do so when to our advantage.

Do you take that bully-boy attitude to anything with which you disagree - break the law, agreements, promises as long as you think you can get away with it? Or do you live in a civilised society where we follow some rules and conventions for conduct to make it a pleasanter world for all of us in the long run?

Personally, I see this copying as a big problem for authors, musicians, artists and photographers, just as for software writers or computer designers who need to pay to live, support families etc.. A moderate number of copies for the buyer's personal use seems reasonable. But does that include giving your friend or your wife or your child a copy? How many can you distribute this way? If you write an app and put it on an app store for, say, a quid and then find that it seems to be on everyone's mobile but you have not seen more than a thousand pounds covering not even your time and computer to develop it, how do you feel?

The other extreme: e-books limiting your copy to just the machine you bought; Monsanto preventing farmers from using seed, from crops grown form genetically "improved" Monsanto seed, to grow next year's crop as traditionally done (or just engineering the seed genetics to make it sterile).

I found both extremes problematic. But I do know, I want artists and engineers to be able to make a decent living from their creativity and ability and not just have the "international conglomerates" cream off all the profit.

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